About aMSa Embedded Solution


We are in Industrial

we at amsa embedded solution regularly involved and seeking problem stament for medium and small scale automation and innovative equipment and to provide them with a wealth of knowledge regarding the implementation of new technology in automation and to give the continues improvement of quality with best and most solution to the industries

We are in Academic

we at amsa embedded solution design and implement the academic project for engineering /M.tech /B.tech/diploma/B.sc/BCA we striving to give quality of learning and hand on experience to the student ,we provide the project to the student based on their problem statement , real time industrial project and IEEE project with their own by hands on experience so that we enable to build their own project

aMSa Technologies are :

Android, Web Programming, Java , Image Processing,Big Data, Data Mining/Data Analytics, Social Network Based Application, Dot-Net, Network Simulation, IoTRaspeberry-Pi, MicroController, MatLab ,UART Protocol, I2C Protocol, Bluetooth ,LabVIEW, ZigBee, Aurdino , Wi-Fi,GSM, GPS, PLC, ARM-7, ARM-Cortex